Brain Rules (Updated and Expanded): 12 Principles for Surviving and Thriving at Work, Home, and School

John Medina explores 12 principles for surviving and thriving, each backed by findings in neurosciences and supplemented with fascinating stories.

How to Improve Your Concentration

Six ways to do increase concentration and productivity, from learning to control your thoughts, to practicing concentration.


Why Creative People Need a Productivity System

How creative people have many ideas but very few turn into actions, and why they need a productive system to get them organized.

Goins, Writer

Five healthy ways to improve concentration

From the popular Omega 3 to the less well known phosphatidylcholine, 5 healthy supplements that support brain functions and improve concentration.


6 Ways Exercise Makes You Smarter

An interesting overview of six ways regular exercise routine enhances brain capacity and improves cognitive abilities.


Why Offices Full Of Ping-Pong Tables And Video Games Might Be Onto Something

How employees who felt younger than their true age accomplish more work goals in dynamic workplace environment and why offices with games have got it right.

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What Yoga Can Teach Us About Productivity

From breathing into the tight spot to opening up your shoulders, four movements and breathing exercises from yoga that can help you find efficiency and ease at work.


The Science of Side Projects: How Creative Hobbies Improve Our Performance at Everything

How to choose a side project or a hobby, keep it going and improve your performance at everything else you do.



A website dedicated to self improvement with a comprehensive selection of articles focusing on productivity.

Seinfield's Productivity Secret

A simple calendar based system to ensure that you spend a certain amount of time doing a desired activity everyday.

5 Ways To Build A Positive Attitude to Learning

Five ways to build a positive attitude to learning, from reviewing and reframing your motivation to building a self efficacy mindset.

Pick the Brain

Self-Discipline: The Foundation of Productive Living

How lack of self discipline is the reason people struggle with productivity and how to improve it.


Get Organized With These 6 Tips That Lead to More Productive Days

Six tips to get organized that lead to a more productive day, from planning your days the evening before, to learning to delegate.


How Procrastination Can Be Your Best Productivity Tool

How to analyze why you are procrastinating, find its root cause and use it to your advantage.

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The 13 Best Productivity Apps, Tools and Methods

Thirteen great productivity apps, tools and methods, from 1-3-5 List which creates closed ToDo lists, to Asana that helps team collaboration.


The Best Kept Secrets to Exceptional Creativity

An interesting StackExchange discussion on productivity, discusing options for relaxing and re-energizing.


Memo to work martyrs: Long hours make you less productive

How working more than 50 hours in a week makes you less productive by making you sleep deprived and upsets your work-life balance.


The best sleeping habits to enhance your productivity

From utilizing caffeine strategically to treating the bed as a sacred place, 9 best sleeping habits to enhance your productivity.

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8 Ways to Train Your Brain to Learn Faster and Remember More

Eight ways to train your brain to learn faster and remember more, from speding time with your loved ones to doing something repeatedly.


Do time management apps really make people more productive?

Time Management Apps: How they help improve productivity and mistakes to avoid while choosing one.

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White Noise

App with soothing background sounds and alarms that slowly fade in, to help you focus, relax, sleep well and wake up refreshed.